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Season of Stewardship
Parish Resources

Welcome to the Season of Stewardship Parish Resources Page. Here you will find important timeline information, downloadable resources, training registrations and key contact information. If you have questions or need parish assistance, please reach out to us!

Important Dates

Opt-in/Opt-out form DUE by Sept. 4th  

Customizations/changes to the Pastor Letter or Commitment Card
Due September 28

Materials for announcing the Season of Stewardship
Starting week of October 11th  

Pastor’s Homily on Stewardship
October 18th  

Bishop’s Letter Received
Week of October 19th  

Lay Witness Sunday
October 25th  

Parish Season of Stewardship Packet mailed
Week of October 26th 

Parish Training

Important Diocesan and Parish Updates (start here for overview information)
Recording (August 27) | PowerPoint Slides

Starting or Sustaining a Stewardship Ministry During COVID-19
Recording (September 8) | PowerPoint Slides

Prayer, Services, Giving, COVID...Oh, My! Tools for Parish Stewardship
Recording (September 24) |  PowerPoint Slides

Lay Witness Workshop (All welcome)
Recording (October 1 & 6) | PowerPoint Slides (Coming Soon)

Encouraging Stewardship Throughout the Year: A Calendar for the Year
Recording (October 13) | PowerPoint Slides (Coming Soon)

Weekly Wednesday’s with Katie

Join us on Wednesday’s at 1pm starting September 9th running through December 2nd (no meeting the week of November 24th). All are welcome and each meeting will have a starting topic, but your input, questions, concerns, and networking will be the primary topics discussed.

Need to dial in using your phone?
Please use the connection information below.

Phone number: (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 652-477-589


Season of Stewardship Toolkit

Season of Stewardship Parish Packet

Parishioner Mailing Received Week of October 26th

Please see examples of the resources below that would be mailed on behalf of your parish the week of October 26th.  

Pastor’s Stewardship Letter

Parish Stewardship Discernment and Commitment Card

We will also work with you on your outside and reply envelope: No. 9 and No. 10 styles (I.e. your parish logo)

Parish Content Resources

Descriptions for pieces outside of the mailing are included below and detailed on when/where you would use those resources is provided. This section highlights resources that we encourage you to use online or print, but resources we at the Curia don’t have direct access too.

Word Doc of Bulletin Inserts

Word Doc of Social Media Content

Lay Witness Reflection Examples

Week of October 11

Bulletin Content 

We are excited to announce the kick-off to the Season of Stewardship! Stewardship is our willingness to acknowledge the blessings we have in our lives and to reflect how we can continue to steward our time, talents, and treasure to act as Jesus' hands and feet in the world. Curious where to begin? Consider your commitment to Sunday Mass, time in prayer, or praying with your family. Consider your talents and how you are using them in our parish. Consider your giving and what bad habits or materialistic goods could we remove from our budgets that distant us from a better relationship with God. I encourage you to prayerfully discern your commitment to our parish family and we are appreciative of your willingness to say, “Yes!” Remember, stewardship is not a program and it is not a fundraiser, rather it is an invitation to participate actively in parish life as disciples. As we discern our intentions for next year, please keep us all in your prayers and the stewardship effort at [PARISH NAME]. 

Social Media Content 

Disciples are stewards by utilizing the stewardship practices of prayer, service and giving. Over the next few weeks, we invite you to discern with us on how we can answer the call to discipleship and become a vibrant stewardship parish! Consider how you may want to pray more, attend Sunday Mass regularly (online or in-person), make time for service, or make an increase in your charity to our parish! We need you and appreciate you! #CatholicStewardship [WEBSITE LINK] 

Download Graphic/Image

Week of October 18
Week of October 26
Week of November 1

Additional Parish Resources


Document Title

Download Link

One Page Season of Stewardship Overview

Acknowledgement Letter

Follow-Up Letter

Hospitality Graphic

Lay Witness Final Checklist

Lay Witness Invitation Example

Lay Witness Talk Overview

Parishioner Telephone Follow-up Tips

Prayer Service for Disciples on Mission

My Parish Prayer Card

Service Graphic

Stewardship of Time Thought Graphic

Stewardship Quotes and Thoughts

Webinar: How to set-up email messaging for your parish

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