Parish Resources

Welcome to the Parish resources section! We hope you find the resources you need to encourage discipleship and stewardship efforts at your Parish. Below you will find a list of resources and we will also be posting upcoming trainings, workshops and webinars here. Soon, we will be launching a “Submit Your Question” section, where you will get direct answers for your parish questions. If you have any immediate questions or needs, please reach out to Katie Price at .

Communication Resource List

How to Communicate Better using Canva and Animoto (Coming Soon!)

 Bulletin Announcements (PDF)

A Sample Stewardship Bulletin Insert (PDF)

Suggested Bulletin Announcements for Two Years (PDF)

Media Resource List

Sherry Weddell Forming Intentional Disciples: Part I

Sherry Weddell Forming Intentional Disciples: Part II

The Spirituality of Stewardship: A Holy Exchange of Gifts

Why We Tithe